Giveaway : Glee Gum : Case of Sugar-Free Gum with Xylitol (ends 2/24)

Glee Gum

Today’s Brixton Street ♥ You feature comes courtesy of Glee Gum!

Glee Gum is an awesome chewing gum that comes in both mint and fruit flavors and is made with sustainably harvested rainforest chicle… the way gum used to be made.  Glee Gum also offers the benefit of containing no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives and no artificial colors.  Because of these factors, the gum has amazing, vibrant fruit and mint flavors that are unlike any other gum I’ve tried!

Last year I actually had the opportunity to sample every flavor of Glee Gum, however, since that time Glee has actually added two new gum flavors to their line up!  The two new flavors are lemon-lime and refresh-mint, both options are sugar-free but these aren’t just your everyday sugar-free gums!  As I previously mentioned, glee gum uses no artificial sweeteners (aspartame and saccharin, for example), the sweetener used in this gum is plant based xylitol.

Personally, I really loved the lemon-lime flavor, I think to date it may be my favorite flavor of Glee Gum (though I like them all).   The lemon-lime flavor is crisp, classic, bold, juicy, and actually quite refreshing!  It is definitely more of sweet lemon-lime flavor with no hints of sourness.  The refresh-mint flavor was a nice mint flavor, cool and clean, something that leaves your breath feeling icy and fresh.

One really nice thing about this gum is that although  sugar free, they have no strange aftertaste or unpleasant flavor as is sometimes found in sugar-free products.  In fact, if it didn’t say “sugar-free” on the package I would have no idea from the taste that these even were sugar free.  Overall, some really, really awesome gum….I now carry the lemon-lime with me where ever I go!

Please note :  Gluten Free.  Sugar-free gum is corn free (but processed in the same facility as Glee Gum which contains glucose).  While Glee Gum is dairy & egg free, it does contain beeswax, making it safe for vegetarian, but not vegan, consumption.

Glee Gum

As I previously mentioned, I had the opportunity to sample each of  Glee Gum’s flavor offerings (you can find that review here), so just to give you a quick run down (paging Jim Halpert) of the flavors, here is a quick rehash of my impressions from last year:

  • Peppermint. The color is really beautiful… wait, am I really talking about the beauty of gum color? Kind of weird! But it IS really pretty… it’s a pale mint green color and the flavor is as equally beautiful as the color. Super refreshing and has a nice subtle lingering flavor. I sometimes chew my gum for hours and hours (and hours and hours), which is maybe sort of gross, but I do it in the name of science… testing the lasting flavor ability of gum… yes… scientific purposes *shifty eyes*.

  • Cinnamon. The thing I love about the cinnamon is that the flavor lasts long but the initial taste isn’t all burn-y like some other cinnamon gums. Plus the color is a nice soft pink rather than a gross unnatural red #2313213 color. There I go with the gum colors again. I can’t help it, I’m all about aesthetics and well, this blog IS about things that are cute and this gum IS very cute.

  • The one flavor that I was the most apprehensive about was bubble gum. Admittedly I am an avid hater of all things bubble gum flavor, but the bubble gum flavored glee was actually one of my favorites. The gum was indeed was very bubble gum flavor-y but the crunchy outer shell somehow made everything alright with me. Whew, crisis averted!

  • My favorite of the fruit flavors was banana, which coincidently can only be found in the packages of Wee Glee. Also coincidently, I hate bananas themselves, but I like things that are made with banana (banana bread/muffins, etc). Typically I don’t even like banana flavored candy but this gum was REALLY good. The secret again I think was the crunchy outer shell.

  • Triple berry tastes sort of like Starburst. I can really see people loving this flavor. Remember that mystery flavor of Starburst? It reminds me of that, if I’m remembering correctly, which I’m probably not. Maybe I’m thinking of wild berry Starburst? Is there even a wild berry Starburst? Maybe it was wild berry Skittles I’m thinking of, that seems about right. I don’t know, now I’m just confused! But in any case triple berry GLEE is super.

  • The tangerine flavor is really refreshing. The flavor doesn’t taste fake and it’s as just about as juicy as gum can be. I know some other gums that make “juicy” claims but this gum actually is juicy!”

Other than the full size boxes, Glee Gum also sells mini-boxes of Glee which each contain 2 pieces of gum and wee-glee which contains mini pieces of gum in various flavors.  Both of these varieties are great for kids, travel or to throw into a handbag without taking up too much space.

Glee Gum

Glee Gum

Glee Gum can be purchased online via the Glee Gum website and at various retail outlets.

Glee Gum is generously offering one Brixton Street reader a case (12 boxes) of their sugar-free Glee Gum with Xylitol!  A huge thank you to Glee Gum for providing a giveaway prize for this month’s event.   Check in every weekday this month for our latest Brixton Street ♥ You feature.


Glee Gum is generously offering one reader their very own case of sugar-free Glee Gum (12 boxes, 15 pieces of gum per box)!

To Enter: Visit the Glee Gum website and let me know an item you might be interested in purchasing or something you learned about the brand or their products.

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This giveaway will end February 24, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. Open to readers in the US only. Good luck!

Giveaway winner: Dawn

glee gum

FTC disclaimer: I was provided with the products mentioned in this post free of charge. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post & was not obligated to give a positive review of this product.

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