Giveaway : Parazul Scarf Handbag ($340 value) ends 5/22

Being able to customize our handbags and accessories is a joy we all too rarely have the opportunity to indulge in- which is why I was super excited to hear about the handbag accessorization* options currently being offered by Parazul Handbags & Accessories.

Parazul allows you to choose from a variety attractive, well made base bags in a good range of shapes and sizes.  As an added option (for an additional charge), each bag can be further accessorized from a selection of cute scarves and charms.  The bags look great alone (perfect to pair with professional attire), but customizing just makes the bags so much more personal and fun!  The Parazul website has a “build-a-bag” feature which allows you to mix and match bags of different styles and colors with the scarves and charms of your choice- a feature that is super helpful in determining the combination most suited to your preferences.

Lucky me- I had the opportunity to try out one of Parazul’s gorgeous bags!  The company had originally offered to send me one of their Scarf bags, but because I prefer slightly smaller handbags they graciously sent over a medium sized Beige Classic Bag ($250) instead AAAAND I get to give away the Scarf bag to one of you- woohoo!

The classic bag is an awesomely versatile bag, but it is especially nice if you like a bag that both lightweight and roomy.  Most bags of this size (12.5″L x 7″W x 8″H) seem excessively heavy, but the durable coated canvas body + leather trim details keep the bag super lightweight.  The dimensions of bag, especially the width, allow you to completely pack the bag full of all sorts of things while the shape allows you to easily reach in and actually find what you’re looking for.  Because the bag is so lightweight, even if you choose to pack the bag full of things, the bag itself won’t weigh you down- just the stuff you put inside. 🙂







 How I wore it:

5673343373_c282d41928_oParazul Beige Classic Bag shown with : APART Getaway Parka (courtesy of APART) , Masshysteri T-Shirt, 6126 leggings, Volatile Marlena Oxfords (courtesy of Volatile)

So, onto our giveaway- courtesy of Parazul we have a gorgeous Scarf bag (in white) up for grabs this month!  A little more about the beautiful bag from the Parazul website:

The beautiful Parazul Scarf Bag is designed for big style and maximum versatility. Whether you carry it as your all-day bag, stylish diaper bag or smart brief case, its good looks will get you noticed.

The handbag’s body material is a modern coated canvas, making it durable and easy to care for. The natural-color leather trim provides a classic look. The interior signature blue lining is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you open your bag!

PRICE : $340.00
DIMENSIONS : 16″L x 4.5″W x 13″H

**Parazul is also offering all Brixton Street readers 30% off any Parazul purchase via with code PARAZULPERK31 at checkout**

A huge thank you to Parazul for providing a giveaway prize for our Spring event!


Win a Scarf Bag from Parazul (in white) with Beige logo large scarf & Parazul Logo charm, a $340 value!

To Enter: Visit the Parazul website and let me know your favorite bag design & color.

Bonus Entry 1: “Like” Parazul on Facecbook OR follow Parazul on Twitter OR subscribe to Parazul’s email newsletter (bottom of page)

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You may use this sample tweet if you like:

#Giveaway : I just entered to #win a gorgeous handbag from Parazul &, you can too! Enter@

You MUST leave a separate comment for each entry. This giveaway will end May 22, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. Open to readers in the US only. Good luck!

Giveaway winner : GeorgiaMist

FTC disclaimer:  I was provided with the product mentioned in this post courtesy of the brand.  I was not provided with any monetary compensation for posting and all opinions expressed here are mine.

*(Uh, is that even a word?  Whatevez- I’m using it anyway :P.)

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    I really love the Red logo large scarf
    & Red star charm
    to change it up a bit on my bold days!

    Pink hibiscus charm
    & Pink hibiscus large scarf
    for my I feel sweet days.

    Still the Parazul bag in any color is my favorite…it looks like it hold alot & very high quality & the scarf woven into the bag & tied in a bow is just so darn cute!

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