Natural History Museum, Other LA stuff + Giant Microbes Giveaway!

The past couple of weeks the temperature has been slowly creeping up and yesterday we even reached into the 90s!  The almost unbearable heat had me thinking about summer and all those great things that go along with it: vacations, parks, the mountains, hiking, outdoorsy stuff, etc. etc.  I decided it was much too hot for any of that, so I settled on the next best thing: re-visiting some of the favorite indoor spots on my youth.  First up on my list, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles!

I hadn’t been to the NHM in a few years, was feeling nostalgic, and it was also a free admission day (first Tuesday of every month), so definitely as good a time as ever to drop in.  If you’re ever in Southern California, the area is definitely worth at least a quick visit (there are a number of  other attractions in the immediate vicinity including USC), especially nice if you happen to be around during a free museum day or for First Fridays.

I did have the change to snap a few pictures of the museum, but also decided to post up a few other recent-ish photos from various local spots.  When you think “nature”, Southern California may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but a surprising number of great spots to enjoy the outdoors can be found around here… and ones that have nothing to do with sunbathing at that!

Museum display with cute little birds :D… cute little dead birds D:

natural history museum of los angeles

“Discovery Center” section of the museum, mainly for the kids but they have some interesting specimens here (and that youngster might be picking his nose, but I can’t say for sure.  We might need to hit the enhance button…) :

natural history museum of los angeles

“New” (opened last summer) Age of Mammals exhibit with… natural sunlight! :

natural history museum of los angeles

Diorama Halls :

natural history museum of los angeles

These types of dioramas used to creep me out as a kid (and apparently they still do) :

natural history museum of los angeles

This one kinda doesn’t creep me out :

natural history museum of los angeles

The Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange from the 11o-N :

natural history museum of los angeles

Check it out from the air (not my photo, if you own this photo, or know who does, please contact me) :

Somewhere in the hills of Beverly Hills :

beverly hills

Point Vicente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes :


Better view of the lighthouse and ocean from on the trail :

rancho palos verdes

Pelicans 🙂

natural history museum of los angeles


In celebration of all things nature-y, we have a fun nature-y plush to giveaway courtesy of Giant Microbes!  (Please note that this giveaway is in no way affiliated with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles).

We previously featured the plushes and vinyl figures from Giant Microbes on the site and LOVE their educational value, but their unique fun factor just puts them over the top.   In case you need a quick refresher…

giant microbes

from top left: Krill, Platelet, Bed Bug plushes ($8.95 each), Sniffles & Smooch vinyl figures ($12.95 each)

So cute and fun!  This spring Giant Microbes released three cuddly, brand spankin’ new plushes: tick, hay fever, and chagas ($8.95 each) – annnd we are giving away one of them this month! 😀


giant microbes

Win a full size plush from Giant Microbes in your choice of tick, hay fever or chagas (pictured above).

To Enter: Comment with your favorite plush from the Giant Microbes new arrivals : tick, hay fever, or chagas.

Bonus Entry 1: Follow Giant Microbes on Facebook OR follow Giant Microbes on Twitter.  

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Bonus Entry 3: Tweet about the giveaway, share on your Facebook page, or blog about the giveaway & leave a link to your tweet, blog post or Facebook post.   You may share once per day.

You may use this sample tweet if you like:

#Giveaway : I entered to #win a cute plush of my choice from Giant Microbes, you can too!  Enter here:

You MUST leave a separate comment for each entry. This giveaway will end May 22, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST.  Open to readers in the US only.  Good luck!

Giveaway winner : r.

FTC disclaimer:  I was not provided with any monetary compensation for this post nor provided with any product samples in exchange for this post and all opinions expressed here are mine.

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