Starbucks : Ten Tips For A Busy Life

Summer doesn’t just mean the happiest time of the year, it also means a potentially busy and stressful time of the year (whomp whomp).   This week we’ve teamed up with Starbucks and Social Moms to bring you tips on how to make your busy life a little easier.  You know, the busy life where you work full time while taking care of your children and plan for summer getaways and summer pool parties all at once.  Okay, so that description might not fit for everyone (including myself), but rest assured you are likely to be very busy this season.  Whatever your busy-ness entails, there are certainly some great ways to make your life a little easier. While the following tips are geared toward moms, most of them are applicable to just about anyone.

Ten tips to for making life as a busy mom easier :

1. Keep a calendar.  Whether you keep your calendar on your desk, your computer, or on your phone, a calendar is your best friend in staying organized.  I am never without mine (complete with a lot of nonsensical scribbles, of course)!

2. Plan out shopping trips to minimize driving.  Living in Southern California, one thing is apparent: a lot of space = a lot of driving.  To minimize my time spent in the car and maximize my time doing more productive things, I plan my outings so that I get several tasks done at once.  I also time them out so that I can avoid traffic (weekends are the best for this thankfully).

3.  Cook meals bulk.  I love my fresh foods, but I also cook staple meals in bulk and freeze them in order to save myself some time in the kitchen.  Black bean chilli is my favorite (you can find my “go-to” recipe here).

4.  Keep things tidy.  Keeping things as tidy as possible whenever you can saves time in the long run. No one wants to clean up a huge mess and sort through a bunch of junk you forgot you ever owned in the first place.  Also, have the kids help out if they are old enough, it’s never too early to learn some essential life skills!

5.  Avoid repetition.  Is it really necessary to check your email every 5 seconds? The same goes for texting, tweeting, facebook, personal phone calls, and, well, lots of other things.

6.  Delegate.  Share/split tasks with other family members or friends.  Spend some quality time together cooking meals, cleaning, learning something new, or, simply just force everything you don’t want to do on someone else (KIDDING).

7.  Be productive.  Whatever task you are doing, do it with enthusiasm and focus.  It will not only make the job easier, but possibly quicker as well!

8.  Keep active and healthy.  Nothing brings on tiredness as much as the vengeance of poor health.   Keep up with your regular exercise and healthy food choices in order to bring an extra boost of energy into your life.

9.  Stay connected.  Stay connected with friends and family.  A busy life can take a huge toll, so it’s always a good thing to have the support of people who care about you.

10. Take a break!  Taking a break is the perfect way to de-stress.  Sit down with your favorite beverage, some light snacks, and a book, magazine, or your favorite film and enjoy a few hours of relaxation.  C’mon, you deserve it!

With summer here, you probably have some great plans for fun and adventure.  But even fun and adventure is a lot of work!  What tips do you have for making your busy life easier?  I’d love to hear them so please share with us in the comments below!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Starbucks blogging program, for a gift card worth $30. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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  1. Heather

    A great way to de-stress is to grab a starbucks too! 😉

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