Starscastle Online Shop = Cuteness!

This year has been all about touches of bright, bold colors… and to be completely honest, I’m kinda not feelin’ it.  There are really only a few ways that I enjoy utilizing flashy colors in my everyday look and accessorizing is definitely at the top of that list.

Totally out of the ordinary for me to find a bold colored accessory that I actually like, but the irresistible color combination wallets over at the Starscastle online store have me completely smitten!  It doesn’t matter that these wallets fit right into this season’s biggest trend: their youthfully fun, cute element make them timeless regardless.

Sandy over at Starscastle recently sent me a Harajuku style wallet in pink and green ($24)– absolutely adorable!   The pink and green shades are SO cute together and the bright colors really make the wallet pop (aka it is WAY easy to find).  In a huge bag, in a cluttered backpack, “oh there you are wallet, I knew I’d find you!”




Other than the adorable colors, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the wallet comes with a zippered coin compartment.  The zippered pouch does add a little bit of bulk to the wallet, but completely worth it.  Coin compartments are my #1 must-have feature in a wallet and this extra detail is just perfect in my book.  In the case that you aren’t down with this type of coin compartment, Starscastle also offers wallets in similar styles with different layouts.

Another key feature of the wallet is the  multitude of card slots.  Okay, okay, I didn’t picture them all too well here but there are seven, yes, seven card slots on this baby : one clear card slot, three credit card slots, and three slip pockets.






In addition to the pink and green wallet, there are many, many other color combinations to choose from.  Here are just some your options :




At just $24 each, these are certainly great little wallets that will serve your needs nicely.   Fun and functionality… doesn’t get much better than that. ♥

We have something special in the works with Starscastle (giveaway *cough cough*; )) which should come about shortly.  In the meantime, feel free to follow Starscastle on facebook or twitter for cute new product updates and giveaway offers.

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7 responses to “Starscastle Online Shop = Cuteness!”

  1. Ellen Christian

    Wow I love the colors these come in! I am off to check out the site now!

  2. Show Me Mama

    I sure love all the fabulous colors and lots of slots. I definitely can pack some stuff in there. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing. These will make great gifts as well.

  3. Darcy

    These are super cute! I need a new wallet that is smaller and can go in the diaper bag – I think this looks like an option!

  4. Sally

    I love these!!! My wallet is getting pretty worn out and it is always a sad day when I have to get a new one. But, these are cuite! Thanks for sharing.

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