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I’m sure all of us know what a hectic schedule is like and although summer has fully arrived, that doesn’t simply mean weeks of lounging in the sun (I wish!).  In honor of our hectic schedules that include work, school, family, friends, and oh-so much more, we’ve teamed up with Seattle’s Best Coffee to bring you ten simple tips for making life easier and more efficient while on the go that we hope you find handy!

1.  Minimalism.  A life on the go requires constantly being connected; however, consider bringing only the necessities with you.  A lighter load both off your body and your mind!

2.  Schedules.  Keep a planner or calender with your appointments and your “to-do” list.  Staying organized is the best way to be efficient.  Learn to use the calendaring options on your phone or laptop so you don’t have to lug around the paper.  \

3.  Keep a drink handy.  Store a small water bottle (and possibly a light snack) in your bag when on the go.  Sweet sweet hydration.  I am never without my stainless steel water bottle.

4.  Avoid rush hours (if you can).  There is nothing I hate more than traffic.  When I know I’ll otherwise be trapped in traffic, I leave my home early and come back home late to avoid the pain that is Los Angeles gridlock.  In my down time I can work on other projects/tasks or relax (if possible!).

5.  Directions.  Since summer is here, a lot of business is travel related.  Plan out all your routes and get directions before leaving the house.  Make sure you know how to get where you’re going before stepping out of the house.

6.  The right shoes.  Having the right shoes (vs. the gorgeous shoes we wish were right *shakes fists*) is a must.  Pick out comfortable, walking friendly shoes when you’re on the go.  Yes, I’m talking those ugly, dirty tennis shoes you normally don’t want to be caught dead in.  If you absolutely need something prettier, try a pair of comfortable, portable flats.

7.  The right handbag.  I normally go with a crossbody style because it is much easier carry around with me than a handbag with shorter straps.  Pick out a handbag that fits your necessities nicely and that is of a design that is easy for you to tote around.  Also go with a style that you’re less likely to leave behind!

8. Layer that clothing.  Layered clothing it a good fit for all weather types and weather changes.  Pick out clothing that is as lightweight as you can get away with- no one wants to lug around huge outerwear.  For rainy weather consider opting for a warm  raincoat rather than having an umbrella.

9.  Bring a friend.  Definitely a no-brainer, but having enjoyable company on even business related outings is great.  If you need to be somewhere and your friend can’t come along (business meeting, etc.), sometimes they’ll still enjoy coming along and do some local shopping, walking, sightseeing, etc. while you’re MIA.

10.  Don’t burn out.  A busy life can be a tired life.  Be sure to get in enough rest and treat yourself to some enjoyable activities on your off time.

What actions are you taking to make your hectic life easier and more efficient?  Perhaps you enjoy a Seattle’s Best Ice Latte to de-stress (my recommendation = take a relaxing stroll with your latte, I love the park).  Share your tips in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program for a gift card worth $30. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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