Virginia Beach

I’ve honestly never thought much about visiting another beach city.  Growing up in Southern California (and in one of the biggest beach cities this state has to offer), I’ve been exposed to beaches  GALORE.  In fact, I’d actually say that I’m burned out on beaches (no pun intended).  So I guess it comes as kind of a shock that I’d be talking about Virgina Beach.  Of course you probably know the beaches, but after looking at the Virgina Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau website I found out that the city is about much more than just that!

Here are 10 reasons I’m longing for a trip to Virginia Beach (that have nothing to do with the beach) :

1.   First Landing State Park.  This state park offers camping, fishing lagoons, 19 miles of hiking trails through natural areas, and other natural sites to ooh and ahh at.

2.  Back Bay Wildlife Refuge.  Another natural wonder, the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge offers dunes, beach woodland, freshwater marshes, maritime forests, ponds, and more.  This is an excellent spot to pull our your binoculars and catch some of your favorite creatures (no, not grandpa!) in the wild.  Loggerhead sea turtles, piping plovers, peregrine falcons, bald eagles, and many other species call this area home.

3. World class shopping.  If you tire from the outdoors, enjoy the modern conveniences of Lynnhaven Mall, Town Center, Pembroke Mall, and Hilltop East, West and North- just some of the large shopping areas that you’ll find in Virginia Beach.

4.  World class dining.  Virginia Beach is a seafood paradise.  If you’re a fan of coastal cuisine, Virginia Beach is a must!

5.  Local foods.  Virginia Beach’s location makes it a prime spot for sampling local both local seafood and produce.  The local markets offer the freshest local fare at the height of their seasonal yumminess.

6.  Travel packages that meet just about any preference.  Did you know Virigina Beach offers everything from “eco-adventure” to culinary to “girlfriend getaway” packages?  Read more about them here!

7. Wallet friendly fun.  You can find a listing of free (and almost free) things to do in Virigina Beach on the Virgina Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau website.

8. Outdoor activities.  Virginia Beach isn’t just about sun bathing, the city is also a prime spot for kayaking, hiking, parasailing, and jet skiiing.

9.  Mild winters.   It might still be summer, but undoubtedly some of you are already planning for a winter trip.  If you want to escape the cold, the mild winters of Virgina Beach, combined with the beautiful setting, makes for a great option.

10. Okay, okay.   The beaches.  I have to admit, they are really beautiful!

If you’re planning for a beach trip this summer and beyond, Virginia Beach has some awesome activities for beach lovers and the beach neutral (like myself!).  You never know what hidden adventures and treasures you’ll find until you actually get out there and enjoy your surroundings.  Happy travels!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Virginia Beach Tourism blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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